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VisionCap is providing a vehicle, through the firm’s sponsorship of individual investment specific or programmatic investment entities, for high net worth and family office investors to invest in lower middle market businesses (commercial & industrial, oil & gas, healthcare, financial services, and real estate) on a mezzanine debt basis, with premium yield and warrants for minority interest equity ownership attached, or on a preferred equity basis with a preferred return and equity upside.  VisionCap’s strategy is to aggregate capital from its investors to provide growth financing to lower middle market businesses in the United States, whereby VisionCap’s investors can generate premium current yield while participating in the value created by their investment.

Some of the characteristics of VisionCap’s offering may include:

  •     Transparency in a specific, professionally structured transaction – not a blind pool
  •     Access for investors interested in investing a minimum of $250,000
  •     Creditor protections as debt holders
  •     Senior or second lien investments with collateral coverage in asset base
  •     Cash flow and debt service characteristics underwritten to solid covenant structure
  •     Meaningful minority interest warrant position with Put rights
  •     Cash return on capital paid to investor monthly ranging from 6% to 10% (annually)
  •     Three to five year investment horizon
  •     Return of capital through periodic principal payments or distributions
  •     Board rights
  •     Equity holder protection rights
  •     Potential liquidity through planned secondary market platform


Investors:  Complete our investor application here to gain website access to investment opportunities.