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Financial Advisory & Consulting

VisionCap provides a variety of consulting and financial advisory services to middle market companies, with an emphasis on transparency and value enhancement.  We pride ourselves on our meticulous detail-oriented due diligence process, and the quality of service and value proposition we provide for our clients. Because every consulting request is unique, we enter each contract on customized terms based on the ongoing time commitment necessary to fulfill our obligations at the level that we, and our clients, expect.  Types of consulting services we provide may include:

  • Capital Structure Advising
  • Analyzing Strategic Acquisitions or Divestitures
  • Arranging Executive-Level Consulting Services
  • Researching Strategic Relationships and Customers
  • Considering Further Organic Growth Opportunities
  • Assisting with Reorganization Efforts
  • Capital Project Consulting
  • Outsourced Due Diligence
  • Outsourced Financial Modeling
 Businesses:  Request consulting or financial advisory services  here.