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Capital Raising

We are committed to fully understanding client needs and delivering the optimal capital structure through private placement of debt and equity with carefully chosen financial partners. We have arranged financing at all levels of the capital structure – senior debt, junior debt, and equity. We raise capital for a variety of purposes including growth, acquisition, ownership transition, shareholder liquidity, recapitalization, and restructuring.

We expedite the capital raising process by performing meticulous pre-transaction due diligence, selectively targeting capital sources, and creating a thoroughly underwritten, appropriately compelling information memorandum designed to streamline decision making. In our capital raising practice, our purpose is to provide our clients with financing necessary to execute a value building strategy, supported by financial partners who help drive success with their knowledge, experience, and industry involvement.  Because of our relationships, expertise, and daily interaction in the capital markets, we make the capital raising process easier, faster, and less expensive for our clients.

In our capital raising and M&A practice, we generally represent clients with:

  • a strong operator and solid management
  • a proven business model
  • EBITDA over $2MM with consistent historical trends and/or a solid asset base
  • defined, achievable transaction expectations
  • and a commitment to execute the mandate.


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